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Entering the "Big world of Credit" is what you are doing. Being new to credit, you probably have a lot of questions and worries. Most major life events, such as buying a car or an apartment, require a line of credit. Credit history is required for most credit cards. In the event that you lack a credit score or credit history, you can have trouble getting a loan approved. Even if you are approved for the loan, you will still be required to pay higher interest rates.

However, be at ease! The good news is that establishing credit may be done in a variety of easy methods. This is the handbook if you want to start building credit and are eager to learn some important credit information.

Six Steps to Developing Credit

To begin establishing credit if you don't already have any, take the actions listed below:

1. Make a Secured Credit card application.

Applying for a secured card is one of the best ways for beginners to build credit from scratch. A secured credit card requires collateral or a security deposit, unlike an unsecured credit card. On this card, defaulters are not reimbursed for their deposit.


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Due Factory, India's pioneering Consumer Debt Relief Company, is dedicated to aiding individuals burdened by debt and improving their credit scores. Our mission at DueFactory is to empower consumers to attain financial freedom by negotiating debt settlements with creditors, often at significantly reduced amounts compared to their original debts. We understand that mounting consumer debt poses a substantial challenge to our economy. By not only relieving debt but also assisting individuals in building their credit scores, we are committed to fostering a brighter financial future for our clients.

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